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I finally did some repotting that I needed to do (still need to do my curly locks, but the pot paint is drying)! This crocodile fern is a rescue and was living in a pot with a kalanchoe (NO idea why). It is in ROUGH shape, but I hope separating the two and some tlc will revive her. I also planted the rooted cutting of my sister’s golden pothos, and now begins my panic that I will kill her.
🀞🏻 πŸ˜… 🀞🏻
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Loving the pothos's pot! 😍
@JayFlaxman thank you! I couldn’t resist! Haha
These are both beautiful plants!

As for the pothos, if it is transitioning from water to soil I suggest keeping the soil more moist than you normally would for the first week or two so you can wean the plant off the all water diet.
Love the pothos pot. Where did you get it?!?
@tmbryant37 thank you, she is definitely nice and moist in there. ☺️
@Plantmomma3 I got it at my lovel greenhouse! I can look around to see if I can find it online.
@malobee I'm sure she'll be just fine under your care!
@tmbryant37 thank you! And thanks for your tip!

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