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What is going on with my Alocasia red secret. Completely ...

What is going on with my Alocasia red secret. Completely drooping and soft leaves. Last watered 5 days ago. @Travanote1 @Macstracks @Seymour @alex @RJG @Linx Please help.
0ft to light, indirect
5” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
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@PoisedAlbo I haven't had Alocasias since that long but I know they're quite picky when it comes to humidity, they like it humid.
They do like to be fairly moist(not soaking wet, they get rotten easily) and like to be fertilized often.

I'd check the roots, see how those babies are doing.
If you can't up their humidity maybe try a pebble tray or switch to hydroponics.

Again I'm no expert, but that would be my first instinct.
Thank you I asked about this yesterday with out an answer that’s why I tagged y’all really don’t want to lose her @Seymour this is Ripley 3 days ago
@Motanix @Seymour It has really good humidity. I checked the roots last night they are perfect and the base is fine. I will say there is some sort of plug on the plant. I assume that what it is anyway.
@PoisedAlbo Audrey, can you add Ripleys plant details eg the little plant+ symbol if you go to edit your initial post? Let me know if you need help. I just need a better rundown of conditions eg light, soil mix, distance from light, watering schedule, etc that you would have on the plant details. I had trouble locating Ripley in your Oasis so this makes it easier or just add Ripleys plant details by a share link. Thanks, I will add some more general alocasia podcasts above
@Seymour just added
@PoisedAlbo thanks darl, for some reason it comes up as Mollie for me as I opened her in your Oasis but it wasn't as Ripley. So a Red Secret.
The details are limited, are you able to complete them more or just add the conditions in a comment.
Do you turn Ripley every so often? Do you check her soil for whether she needs watering or bottom water her?
@Seymour sorry I’m so stressed I really have wanted her for a while now because she’s weird and quirky. Never thought she would be my problem child. I thought my Thai Con would be 😊
@Seymour Yes I turn and check soil. I have only top watered her so far. For reference I’ve only had her 13days.
@PoisedAlbo they don't call them divas for nothing LOL
I would recommend only morning sun or bright indirect light,

I recommend to water when the top inch of soil is dry and you can judge this with a finger or skewer, I will include a guide diagram however it can depend how you water as I say bottom watering can have benefits but it makes it harder to tell when the soil is dry.
Often old leaves will be sacrificed to enable the growth of new ones.
Think a plant that lives in the jungle floor so dample light (indirect ir limited direct light), high humidity and water is dependent on the soil.
The only other thing is your soil mix and nutrients in the soil (eg fertilizer). Are you using distilled or clean rainwater water?
I will add some guides below and some YouTube videos then you can ask any more specific questions after reviewing the information, ok Audrey?
It prefers a warm, humid environment and well-draining soil, and should be protected from direct sunlight. It is also poisonous if ingested by pets or humans.

When it comes to watering, Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' prefers consistently moist but well-draining soil.It thrives in bright, indirect light, as direct sunlight can scorch the leaves.This Alocasia variety is relatively compact in size compared to other Alocasia species, making it suitable for smaller spaces and containers.

Alocasia cuprea - red secret alocasia

APPEARANCE: Exotic foliage plant from the tropical rainforest jungles of Borneo, with huge heart-shaped quilted-looking leaves up to 60cm long. They leaves are metallic silvery-green-copper on top, plum beneath.
USES: Houseplant in a warm humid room. Suited to shady underplanting in tropical gardens. Impressing your friends who haven't got one. Wowing your IG followers.
PLANTING: Plant in semi-shade or filtered light. Will grow in deep shade, more slowly. Alocasia plants thrive in free draining soil and warm humid air, check that pots have good drainage. Plants indoors should be placed on a washable surface or mat as the plant's leaves can drip from the tip.
CARE: Water regularly during the first 12 weeks or until the plant is established. Apply liquid fertiliser at half rate every 4 weeks for best results. Remove dead leaves for a quick tidy up. Regular light watering and a daily spritz with rainwater for indoor plants will keep them looking lush. Foliage may die back during the cooler months when plants become dormant. Avoid feeding and heavy watering again until plants develop new leaves. Repot during spring only if plants become rootbound, this is the ideal time to remove and repot any young shoots which have sprouted. Protect from frost and cold draughts.

Light Partial - Bright Indirect Light

Watering Water when the top 25% of the soil is dry
@Seymour distilled water. I usually bottom water my more established plants and they love it but she’s just a baby and I was trying to acclimate her. I emailed the company she came from οΏΌοΏΌ
@PoisedAlbo it may just be acclimatization but I would check the intensity of light eg using Photone or a similar light meter app
See #light or light guide posts I have added at #cpclubthursday

Top watering should be fine, just don't allow it to dry out too much so don't necessarily stick strictly to the Greg schedule. I haven't tackled humidity as I assume it is good.
I find the best thing to do is change one major variable eg light and see if there is an improvement, if not then eg focus on watering conditions. Hope all this helps. I don't have a Red Secret myself but I have found the podcasts to be very helpful to understand the plant's original and preference conditions to help try to match them.
@Seymour thank you I’ll keep you posted but most importantly I’m dieing to know what time is it in Australia and how cool I’m close to Canada and you’re in Australia and we can communicate? Awesome 😎
@PoisedAlbo I don't mind if you give best answer to Moe above or anyone else. I am happy to help out where I can and don't need any best answers as I have had my time in the sun.
I know we are 15 hours ahead of PST USA so I guess it depends where in Canada you are.
But it makes sense that Audrey (1 or 2) ans Seymour would communicate. I miss out on some of the phone eg when USA comes online, in about an hour or so πŸ˜•
And I miss out in the Plant Shop but I like that I can at least learn about new people and places. Been to the USA so if ever I travel again...well let's just say I like Maple Syrup 🍁 πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ 🍁
We are heading into winter so I can enjoy all the Nth Hemisphere plants in summer, bonus ! Just feel free to get in touch again if there's a progression downwards but it's really all about matching a plants conditions to its original home or mimicking them as best you can. I love these Alocasia...but so many plants to explore...the Silver Dragon πŸ‰ looks cool 😎
@Seymour I’m actually in Maine. The most northern state on the East coast of the USA. I’m about 3 hours drive from Canada. Did you just say it’s about to be winter ❄️ where you’re at? Wow 🀩 we’re just coming into Spring. My silver dragon πŸ‰ just gave me a new leaf
@PoisedAlbo Hi hi, I read up and how is your red secret doing today?

I usually top water and use vitamins every week for my outdoor and indoor alocasias.

Everyone has contributed some amazing things and really helpful tips that I follow as well.

If she looses some leaves no worries!

Alocasias bounce back very quickly if their leaves are cut.

The most important thing is that her roots are healthy!

Alocasias are prone to root rot as well so eventually you might want to think about peatmoss/soil/perlite mix.

Bright indirect light really works well for my indoor and outdoor.

Majesty has gone through several chops and she survived.

Let me know how it goes! Thanks for the tag!
@Travanote1 her roots are really good that’s why I’m confused. I’ve only had her 13 days and she is a baby. I haven’t cut any of her leaves I was going to give her a couple of days and she if she improves. The pictures at the top of the post are from today. Also what vitamins do you use?
@Travanote1 Ripley is potted in coir,perlite and sol soil chunky mix and ill definitely update you

Limited-time deal: AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients (1 Liter)

This one is the one I use.

It's gentle enough for every week use and I haven't seen any negative side affects!

It sounds like she is acclimatizing and will be okay.

New plants always have some leaf die off for me when I don't keep them in the same exact environment they were grown in.

My outdoor plants always thrive whereas my indoor plants take weeks to get used to my room atmosphere.

You're doing a wonderful job!
@Travanote1 awesome 😎 lol πŸ˜‚ new mom panic this makes me feel much better