Posted 3w ago by @plantsam

hi everyone! i have never named my plants before since i haven’t had any good ideas… but does anyone have any cute plant names?? i have all of mine on my profile but my favorites are my golden pothos, my creeping fig, and my painters palette <3 #NameMyPlants
Your painters pallete could be Plantcasso, like Picasso, or pick your favorite artist!
You could always roll the dice and have a random name picked. Some of those are pretty good! Do you have any favorite movie or book characters? Or a theme? I have a Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and an Alice.
@Wickedlemons book characters could be fun! thanks, i’ll think abt it <3
@Beeps ty! i’ll think of a cutesy artist name for it
@plantsam the possibilities are endless 😊
Oh! @ABCD did this a few times with the community! He let us pick the names of some of his plants. (:

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