Posted 4w ago by @beccaannejoness

Iโ€™m having some problems with my bird nest ferns. They get complete indirect light, about 6+ hours a day, and I wait to water them until the top two inches are dry. My leaves are still drooping and the tips of them are turning brown. They are in pots with drainage holes. Any suggestions?
For sure overwatered!

Cut the brown parts off with clean โœ‚๏ธโ€” the plant will now invest the energy into green leaves instead. Then hold off on watering for a while. It should come back to you :)
Thanks so much!!
Youโ€™re welcome!
@beccaannejoness definitely looks like itโ€™s overwatered. Make sure to sterilize your scissors with rubbing alcohol before snipping. Hold off on the watering for awhile as @ABCD said.
@KikiGoldblatt thank you!

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