Posted 3w ago by @Heather88

My #BirdsNestFern has brown crispy edges and I’m not sure why. It’s east facing with indirect sunlight. Any ideas why?
It has dried out too much once upon a time. I see it's near a heater. That might have done it.
Most ferns like their soil to be moist, not too wet, also only water with distilled, rain or purified by reverse osmosis water. I'm not sure about the birds nest fern, but maybe too much water or sunburn on those leaves. I have a cotton candy fern and she was in front of an east window with no shades and a few of her fronds got a little brown on the ends so I moved her into a less direct light near the same window and she's doing great 👍 Here's a link that may help
@sarahsalith thank you! I did have her near a heater for a while before I moved her so perhaps the damage is done.

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