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Bf was sad that we couldn’t go to the #CentralTexasGang #GregMeetups this weekend, so he took me to Home Depot and OK’d this little variegated dude! 😭✨🥹

He’s a Euphorbia mammillaris variegata and he’s ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS
#HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #Euphorbia #EuphorbiaMammilaris #variegatedplants #GregGang #NewGrowth #PlantTherapy #PlantCorner #kscapedream
🥰🥰 it looks like one is waving 👋
Baesil says haaaalllloooo! So stoked to see more corny cobs!
@LatiTish84 He does, doesn’t he!?! He’s so cute.
@KrunchyWrap pls tell Baesil I said they’re so frickin CUTE 🥹🥹🥹
How cute!!! I guess that's a good consolation prize....😅😊🤩😍
Awesome. I have three baby ones. They have been slow growers but very easy to care for. I love those for some reason. They just look cool and have unique flowers
I couldn’t go to the meetup either. I wish austin wasn’t so far from San Antonio and wish I had more money. Next weekend would probably have been better
Oh hims cuuuute 🥹🥹🥹🖤🖤🖤🖤
Oh this is a super fun consolation prize! There will be more! And @ThePlantDadLife the #NorthTexasGregGang and I have to figure out a Waco #TexasGregGang mega event
@PlantEsteem @WickedValkyrie Yes, I’m so happy with hims 🥹🥹
@SirLiquorice Aw makes two of us then 😭 as @RJG says, there will be more!! 🤞🏽🌿✨ I’m obsessed with this little dude. Just looked up the flowers and they’re legit flower crowns!! 🌸✨

Slow growers you say? 🤔 I hope! My bf is tired of me saying “I PROMISE THEYRE SLOW GROWERS” and immediately start pushing out growth 💀💀 what’s the best care for them? I currently have them in succulent soil with a little extra perlite. Do they like to be completely dry between waterings, I’m assuming?
@SirLiquorice we gotta get you and @FitSedum to set one up at Rainbow Gardens for San Antonio. Maybe I could make a trip down 👀
Omg! @kscape He's so chubs and cute! 💚🙂 Love!!

Please post pics of his new pot and progress!
Waittttt he’s so cute ☺️
@roxyvivien I absolutely will! Since he’s only about 2-3 inches, I’ve changed his soil, added systemic granules and placed back in his nursery pot 🥹

Once he’s a little bigger and I have time to find the perfect pot for him, then I’ll transplant him 😁✨🪴
@Mrgncrch I KNOWWWW IM OBSESSED 😭😭😭😭💖💖
Love him!!! 💚💚💚
How cute!!
@kscape yeah they definitely like to have dry soil between watering. But yeah mine have not grown much at all in about a year. They have noticeable new growth but very little. But that’s fine with me. I don’t have to water often or really worry about taking care of it. It takes care of itself mostly
@kscape you can kinda see all the new growth in these pics I just took. The top inch or less took almost a year. It pretty much stayed the same looking for a long time. But haven’t had any issues. Just slow growth. I don’t mind that
Home Depot has really stepped up their game with these guys, he’s such a cute chonkers! 😍💕🌵
@kscape I know they say slow growers but I mean I've had Baesil since ... April??? Maybe and I think he has grown pretty recently. I water him and a fee select others with tea water and compared to the others, he's definitely perked up a lot quicker. I don't have it down to an exact since but if i don't water him with it 1-2 a month then he seems dull in color and not as perky, If that doesnt sound too looney lol
Regardless I love them, they have such personality and it shines out the more they grow.
@kscape love 💕 it. Yeah it does look like he’s waving 👋
Very cute indeed!!!
He's waving at us 👋I want one now, oh my he's so handsome 🥰
@SirLiquorice @KrunchyWrap Thank you both for the amazing advice! Hoping he does well in my care 🤞🏽✨🥹
@ManyLime @Roserade @tango @Planthoader he was too cute not to get!! Especially since the BF OK’d it since we’re tight on space, he’s the best 😁
@Sassylimey You have to get one now! I’ve been talking to him non-stop today 💖💖💖

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