Posted 3w ago by @VipFernmoss

My parlour palm is yellow and dried out. I’ve kept up with the water schedule but I think it wasn’t close enough to sunlight so I set it outside a week ago and it looks worse. Any advice on if it can recover?
Oh no! I had one recover from a short stint outside. Do you have a picture? I would bring it inside and cut back the dead leaves. Do you have drainage at the bottom of the container? I’ve had the most success near a west-facing window with watering every two weeks or so.
I agree, I’d bring it inside. They don’t like direct sun and that can burn the leaves. Cut back the dead leaves and keep it in bright, indirect light. They also like humidity so you can try misting it or putting it near a humidifier to help keep it hydrated. Keep the soil damp but make sure the pot is draining the excess water. Hope it recovers!
I have mine 2 feet away from a south facing window and mine is thriving , being outside can burn the leaves and cause them to brown , I’d maybe suggest bottom watering aswell?

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