Posted 2d ago by @planthoe40

Let me tell you about a shop on Etsy called IDYplants. So I put in an order for a Swiss cheese cutting a couple weeks ago. I waited for them to send me an email saying my order had shipped and I waited. Well 5 days before my order was supposed to be here I sent a message. Finally I got a message back saying due to the recent fires in California they had had to evacuate and some of the item on her etsy shop had over sold and she had to refund me my money. I got my refund the next morning. Well today while I was at work I got a notification saying my package had been delivered. I get home open my package ๐Ÿ“ฆ and found out she had sent my plant cutting too. So sweet.
Etsy supports small business, and itโ€™s always so nice to hear when these small businesses, especially despite a catastrophic event, still honor best practices. May she and her business enjoy abundant blessings. Kudos to her!

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