Posted 2w ago by @Colin

Ever wonder how mushrooms grow??

Yesterday I got to visit a gourmet #mushroom grower.
They use a clean room to inoculate bags of grow medium (a mix of wood chips and grain) with the mushroom spores, then let them sit sealed for a few months to grow the mycelium.

When it's ready they cut an X mark in the bag and then they fruit, growing the mushrooms that get harvested.
For shiitake mushrooms apparently they need to be 'shocked’ to start fruiting, so they take the bags and throw them on the ground. Shiitake grow on tree branches so they think it replicates the branch falling to the ground.
And in the fruiting tents, they carefully control temperature, air circulation, and humidity for optimal growth.
They wear respirators inside the fruiting tents because the spore levels get so high in there.
that’s so cool 😳

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