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Replacement plants arrived, I think in worse condition that the initial order. Plus side this time I got some different plants including a pothos N joy (which was on my wishlist!) There are a few that I need help with identifying that I will include in the comments. #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #NewPlants #PlantAddict
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@Shaubplantshack I think some sort of οΏΌ Peperomia obtusifolia maybe πŸ€”
Any thoughts on what these guys are?
@Shaubplantshack 1st pic is for sure a variegated rubber plant.
@KikiGoldblatt squeeee!! Thank you so much! πŸ₯°
@Shaubplantshack can I ask where you ordered these from?
Hehe, the N'Joy is also on my wish list. Congratson that & the variegated ones!
@Ailysa thank you. I ordered from Amazon they came from Altman plants.
They look nice. How they do well. 😊
@Pegster thanks so much πŸ₯°
Ok, I think I’ve got them all figured out except these 2 (which are clearly the same) any ideas @sarahsalith, @Gordo
@Gordo thank you. Let me look some more.
@Gordo I’m thinking this?
That’s it. Just using the common name.
@Gordo thanks again, so much!
Hi, Jamie! The last plants look like my Peperomia clusiifolia Red Edge. They are thinner and have larger leaves than the obtusifolia.
@Shaubplantshack did you get all the other plants identified?
@sarahsalith I did, I think! Thank you so much!
I also took your advice and planted all the pixie peperomia’s together (I got another today) So even though I got 14 new plants today after some working and repotting I have 46 vs the 39 I started with this am. Let me google the red edge.
@sarahsalith so close to a red edge. Mine does have a darker edge but it is definitely not red.
@Shaubplantshack this is my Peperomia clusiifolia Red Edge- I keep mine out of the sun entirely so it doesn't get a red edge. But it's definitely a peperomia! (: Looks like @Gordo did well! οΏΌ
@sarahsalith she’s so cute! I do love the red edge! I might have to add that to my list!

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