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THEY STARTED STOCKING HEB’s with #PhilodendronPinkPrincess // #PinkPrincessPhilodendron for only $20!! THEY CAME OUT YESTERDAY AFTERNOON ✨

They’re lowly variegated BUT locations within 15 mile radius all have PPP’s!! #TexasGregGang #CentralTexasGang #NorthTexasGregGang
#PlantingOnABudget #GregGang
Wow that’s a good deal for the size
Off to H.E.B rn 🏃
The plants torture me every day as I walk into work! They whisper “buy us!!! All of us!!!”
I saw several yesterday at H‑E‑B but I’ve already got one and can’t afford the space right now. 😩
Ughhhhh I want one 🙃, no HEB😢
Wewwwooooow i@missed it?!!!!!
Yesss maaammm!! Went and got her on Monday🥹💕
@PeacefulBohoBby she’s looking BEAUTIFUL 🥹🥹
@kscape I’m honestly excited to grow more pink on her more than anything😭
@kscape Oooo, & get this! Ppl out here in Houston bulk bought the plant and are now reselling it in groups on FB & their Marketplace for $50+ WITH the HEB tag on it. When I tellll you I was sipping teeaaa this mawnninggg on FB😂😂😂🤭🤭🤭🤭 Ppl losing their mindssssss
@PeacefulBohoBby oh hellllll naaaaaa!! If y’all can clearly see that they’re being sold for $20 at HEB, I really hope folks don’t get scammed/pay for something that’s not worth it.

I love the PPP, but the HEB ones are $20 cause most are lowly variegated, which is good! But it’s worth it for the price.
@kscape It was a LOT of high variegated ones when they first dropped out here, I will say that. That’s probably why the stores ran out so quickly because of the bulk buying and the scam🤦🏽‍♀️

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