Posted 1w ago by @Mama_Jaimekins

I am OBSESSED with how quickly this plant grows! I honestly just want to sit in front of it all day with some popcorn. #ZzPlant #fastGrowth #NewGrowth
15ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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Mine had grown leaps and bounds too. But watched plants never grows! ☺️
Wow! I wish that some of my plants would grow like that
@Smallpumpkin this is the only one that I’m seeing so much obvious growth. The rest are either surviving or declining πŸ˜‚
Me too! I just got one and noticed the growth already. How do I know when needs a bigger pot???
@Ntzsche76 when I got mine it was super rootbound and the rhizomes were sticking out of the soil. For most plants, once they double in size, it’s time to repot.
@Mama_Jaimekins ahhh got it! Thank you for this tip! Will keep careful eye on it. Such a cool plant!
My Buzz is growing like banshees all of a sudden. Maybe it’s the New Jersey/Pennsylvania/New York light this time of year
@Ntzsche76 mine is still in its original potβ€” it’s good soil from Costa Farms. I’ve had him maybe 6 months. I’m not too quick to repot unless the plant is in distress.
@Kwanna thank you did the tip! I will just keep eye on it then. Just got it so yeah shouldn’t need a new pot for awhile!

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