Posted 3w ago by @CocacolaGarlic

there is no end to the problems with this guy i swear! i found a dropped leaf on the soil today AND mold on some of the lower ones 😭 while trying to deal with the mold he dropped two more leaves from the same stem!
i realized its been a while since i properly watered him though so heres hoping the water i gave him will fix that problem
8ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
with all of these problems and very few visible causes (i only ever saw one adult mealybug! and its been given pesticides and cleaned throughly three times now) im tempted to say this one just has some plant sickness or something? its got these weird little dry brown spots on the bottom of some of the stems and the one it dropped from especially but i cant find any answers for what that would mean, ive moved it into more sun as well, it seemed okay with where it was until now but im just trying to make sure i cover all my bases

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