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PROUD PLANT MOMMA MOMENT 🤩🤩 plus #ScienceWithGreg results 🥰🤓✨

I’ve been trying to root my Snow Queen pothos since August 8th and haven’t had any luck 🥲 I was worried my three cuttings were duds as they started rotting.

So one day last week, I decided to trim the ends and place another pothos prop in with it, just to see if it would do anything. I Decided to check yesterday and well… WE HAVE A ROOT. I REPEAT, WE HAVE A ROOT 🤩🤩

I was going to cry if it didn’t root, as this is a #wishlistplant , but my week has been made 🥰 I’m VERY thankful for @kscape for discovering #PothosWater and now, I can start my own collection of liquid gold 🤩

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10ft to light, indirect
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Best Answer
Woohoo!!!! Magic Pothos Water For The Win!!!!!
OMGGGG SO HAPPYYYY!!! 🤩🤩🤩😩😭✨✨✨ can’t wait for you to grow you own jungle of POTHOS and other plants thanks to #PothosWater 🤩🤩💧💧💖🌿
Yayyyy great story with a beautiful ending 👍🏼🥳
It’s always a great feeling when you get a root from your cuttings
@kscape you have a trend going on thanks to you. I am so happy you discovered #PothosWater. @Localplantlady I am so happy for you.
Goddamn it, my two pothos are tiny 🤣 im itching to join in the fun! Maybe I’ll have to snip my Manjula 😜 Congratulations on your rooting success!
Pothos water is liquid gold. I took a small cutting, last week, off my hoya caudata and it already has nubbies 😉
I'm loving #sciencewithgreg amazing results @kscape 🥰😍
Pothos water has been around for as long as I can remember! I learned to use it for propping stubborn starts from my aunts and my grandma! There is always a huge vase of pothos cuttings on a counter or table top at one house or another ☺️ It really is just amazing how nature works isn’t it!?
@kscape IKR?! It feels like just yesterday I was commenting on one of your posts about my props 🥹 I have so many mother plants I want to snippy snip but aren’t long enough JUST yet 🥺 they’re almost there, just waiting for them to land 😂💙💙🌱🛬
@HoyaAddict girrrllllll, the one I snipped it was one of my pothos that I actually grew from cuttings as well 🤣 it hasn’t gone wild yet but the ONE strand I put in backwards was taking OFF so I said “Imma snip your butt” and glad I did! 🤣🤣💙
@Wickedlemons my mamaw (grandmother) is into outside gardening and my mom has a black thumb 🤣 they’ve never heard of it, I’m so glad I found this app because I never would’ve discovered it! 💙 nature is just so cool 🥰💙🌱🤓
@Sassylimey I wish I knew about it when I was trying to prop my Pink Ti plants 🥲 oh well, it is what it is 🤣 I’m a LOT more wiser now! 💙
@Flowerpowerlove even better when it’s a stubborn prop 🥰🥰💙
@KikiGoldblatt She is the BEST 💙💙 I never would’ve known about this if @kscape never posted 🥹🥹💙

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