Posted 4w ago by @Beanmomma

I found these marks on my newest leaf. Ive been looking very carefully for any type of pest and ive been wiping the leaves down with neem oil for a while before the leaf emerged. Is this simply an imperfection or is there something that im not seeing? #happyplants #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantaddict #minimonstera #rapidophoratetrasperma
I am 100 percent not an expert, so if someone more experienced has something else to say please listen to them instead of me lol. Buuuuut I would say if you’re regularly wiping it down it’s probably just an imperfection and nothing to worry about
@DiosDada haha thats what i figured but I just wanted a second opinion. Everyone talks about how pests are so small and its hard to see them. I was wondering if i was paranoid. Lol thank you
Looks like teeth marks. Do you have any pets?
@Kwanna i have a dog but she wouldnt be able to reach this leaf and she isnt keen on eating veggies haha

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