Posted 1w ago by @Olivia416

My jade pothos leaves are turning yellow and dying after I repotted it. I had a bad mealy bug problem so I repotted and used systemic granules in the soil. The mealy bugs are gone but for some reason the plant is dying. It was my fastest growing plant and now it looks worse than it did before. Any suggestions? #PothosPack #Pothos
Could just be stress form the bugs and repotting experience.....or light issues. Did you move it to a new spot after repotting?
@PlantEsteem no it’s in the same spot and it has been thriving so far up until I repotted it. Watering schedule is the same too.
Hmmm....I would lean more toward stress reaction then. The center leaves look really good! You could trim off the yellowed leaves so the plant can focus energy on the new leaves. Then let her heal and settle in to the new pot. Seems like a pretty resilient plant already....I'm sure it will turn around fast πŸ˜‰
You have great plant intuition!! Good luck!

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