Posted 3w ago by @SilkyDuranta

SO SAD TODAY!!! My 65 plants have scale and it's just breaking my heart. I've decided not to use pesticides and I'm going to release ladybugs. The problem is I can't get them shipped to me until Tuesday so until the the scales are eating away. Heartbrok
So sorry. I hope the ladybugs do the trick. Good luck!
You can just... order ladybugs???? Don't tell the kids, or we'll soon be opening ladybug farms.
:( Oh no best of luck to you!!
man that sucks :( maybe you could try isopropyl for now? just use a q tip and soak it with slightly diluted isopropyl then apply to wherever you see the bugs. also @PBRobinno i’m not a kid but I’d be super into lady bug farms πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
@strawberrymoon Let's do it. *o*

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