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#WhatTheSuccWednesday I know I share her all the time re...

#WhatTheSuccWednesday I know I share her all the time recently, but she’s really just an exquisite succulent— an Echeveria ‘Angel Kissed’ is a stunner with the pink hues and greyish overcast.
She also has a 4th flower opening while the first to open is slowly closing. Kinda symbolic, like the “as one door closes, another opens,” but with flowers!

I forgot it was Wednesday, but I suppose on non-Wednesday days, #planthighlight can be nice for some special highlighting of plants you adore and find yourself staring at all day!
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Oh wow @itsjordan these photos and the blooms are amazing!!!

Love the #planthighlight tag. @RJG usually hosts “What the Success Wednesday” at #WhatTheSuccWednesday and I think this is a good fit for that too!
@alex Ah yes, I didn’t even realize it was Wednesday 😵‍💫😵‍💫 thanks!
That’s Beautiful!
Oh dang @alex I'll be on the look out for it next week 🫡
That black background in the flower pic makes it look extra cool
I Love succulents they don't love me ... A leaf or leaves fall of I lay it down on dirt.. stow start over.. never works also do the nee to be on dirt or no dirt.. thx community for looking at my comment.. please let me know