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New to this app. I've managed to keep Zuzu alive for 2 years! Never had a green thumb! Any suggestions for another plant that's hearty? Want to expand my plant collection since I'm feeling confident. πŸ˜†
4” pot
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Your ZZ is glorious! I’m super fond of my snake plants. I have 3 black coral snake plants (I like their look the most but there are so many varieties to choose from!) and they are workhorses. I forget about them and they live. Infrequent watering. EXCELLENT air cleaners. And they have these funny growth spurts where all of a sudden one leaf is like 4’ tall. 10/10 would recommend.
Here’s my biggest one right now. I just love them.
That’s so cool! Welcome to Greg! I would recommend and Aloe or Christmas cactus! If you wanna be a little funky then look into Solomon Seal! Happy planting! Hope you love Greg!
Welcome to Greg! I just wanted to say Hi and admire your ZZ Plant as it is gorgeous and I am expecting one next week 😍
I second snake plants! I have had a lot of luck with spiders and jade, too.
@Leannem that's a beauty!! I'll definitely add it to my wish list!
@PlantyPlanter definitely want a Christmas cactus! I had one when I lived elsewhere an couldn't take my plants with me. I gave them to a neighbor! And Aloe sounds like a nice addition too!
Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome and ideas! I recently moved from PA to SC, so I'm loving the warmer weather and the beautiful plants and flowers down south!
Omg welcome! I definitely second (or third or fourth a snake plant) and can say with great confidence the community here will help with any questions you may have!

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