Posted 3w ago by @Jenny.jenny

I’m enjoying the lighting in this room so wanted to share it with y’all πŸŒ™ 🌱 ✨
#PlantsMakePeopleHappy #SnakePlant #Cordyline #SpringIntoSummer
Very pretty! But may I suggest something? In the picture, it seems like your plant may be struggling with a little bit of scorching on the tips because of the light.

The heat and direct light can dry up your plant from its nutrient and eventually cause damage to leaves and your watering routine to change, resulting in more frequent waterings 😊🌿
@kscape thanks! It was struggling a little in its original space by a window. It was just moved by this light (that’s pretty much never turned on, except for this photo op πŸ˜†) and hopefully will do better here!
Soo pretty. Looks like it could be in a magazine!
Beautiful!! 😍😍 but, I’m pretty sure these are Ti plants? I grew up in Hawaii and they’re EVERYWHERE ❀️❀️

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