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My Monstera hasn’t been putting out new leaves as much. I repotted it this past Spring with smaller moss poles than the ones it has now and it almost doubled in size. BUT..all of the new leaves only have 1 fenestration. When I replaced the moss poles is when the growth stopped. I have noticed more aerial roots starting to sprout so my guess is that’s what’s slowing it down? Why aren’t the new leaves splitting? It’s in a sunnier spot than where I had it in the spring. Ugh. #Monstera #NewGrowth #PlantAddict
Are you giving it any fertilizer? Also sometimes the leaves will split as the plant matures.
For what I have researched the leaves will slip as they get older/stronger. My monstera does have some leaves that are still small and doesn’t have splits. But I have 2 new leafs that came with the slipts already on
Have there been any changes in watering or sunlight?
@LatiTish84 I haven’t given it any fertilizer so I’ll start there.
@hoipolloimike watering no, sunlight yes. I’m hoping fertilizer will start encouraging new growth
@Edie_McGoldrick I have heard, anecdotally, that more light is supposed to encourage fenestration, so I would expect the opposite. Maybe it’s adjusting? 😬
@hoipolloimike Me too! That’s what makes me so confused.

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