Posted 1Y ago by @GmanWF

Just received a Bolivian Torch as a housewarming/wedding gift! Learning the ropes of caring for it. Seems pretty straight forward. I will keep him inside and use grow lights since there isn’t any consistent sunlight for it. On a search for the perfect pot. I was thinking of getting a giant pot to give it room to grow big and tall
Make sure the pot isn’t too big or else it’ll get root rot! Let the soil completely dry in between waterings and gradually size up the pot as the plant grows. Congrats on marriage and the new home! Good Luck!
@Youngplantdad thanks. It’s a bit late since we just celebrated 3 years. But better than no TB!
@LikelyChards hahha well congrats on 3!!
How big of a pot for 18”?

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