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Any tips on best care for golden pothos? It isn’t looking very happy thinking about reporting with deeper pot for more room to grow? It doesn’t usually sit here it sits on a windowsill. Help please! #NewPlantMom
Depending on the roots, that may be too big of a pot. Has this recently veen repotted? They like indirect light. Once it's watered, it should perk up again soon. Pothos are resilient and are ok with some neglect.
It’s in direct sunlight now so maybe changing the spot yes repotted recently. What type of pot would be better?
I agree with @AwesomePlants, the pot may be too big if it wasn't recently repotted. If you did recently repot allow it some time to acclimate, it'll perk back up! They're pretty hardy planty friends! 🌿💚
Find a nice indirect light area repot him in a deeper pot and either hang him up or set him on something and put some dowels in there for him to climb up onto. He will be a happy camper
First if this is planted directly into a terra cotta pot, it may dry out fast. Second, if it’s newly planted from water prop to soil, the soil should be damp most of the time. You can also wrap the plants on the soil and pin it to allow the aerial roots to attach to the soil and make it fuller overtime
Would something like this white pot be better? Or even deeper?
Also thanks everyone!! I’m new at being a plant mom! :)
maybe no sunlight for a long while of time ! i set mine out her only about 1-2 hours a day ! even less sometimes, also i don’t water lots. maybe 5ish times a week or so! hope that helps 🤞💚🌿🙏
@GoodBibi same here ! so grateful for this app 💚
Your plant card says no drainage so I would definitely make sure it does so water isn’t just sitting in the pot

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