Posted 4w ago by @claire.leean

Snake plants that I got for free at lowes! Can I get these to reroot after them being so dry?
I bet you can! I'd trim them with a V so they have lots of surface area, then maybe rooting in water is a better choice here than soil? But snake plants can handle about anything so I'd say try both water and soil and see what happens!
Also, SO jealous!
@PlantMompy would I have to cut them all off to be individual plants? I’ll have to get a bucket for them lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
@claire.leean there are so many!!! And they’re pretty big!
Ohh, I didn't see the roots in the first photo!

Personally, I would cut them off because they look pretty sad BUT, I also love proping. Lol.

Each leaf would make a new plant, and I have definitely have leaves that look in worse shape so I think there is quite a bit of life left!
@PlantMompy I’ll do a chop and prop! Thanks!
Of course! You could always try to prop the roots, too! Worse case it doesn't work 🀷🏽

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