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Incase you didn’t see yesterdays #TechTeamTuesday post then I wanted to let the #GregGang know about one of the suggestions #gregtrades (and how amazing it is and why we need it!) So we know how loving the #GregGang is and you probably have had or have seen a #PlantSwap go one. And we all know about #PlantingOnABudget and #wishlistplant So, that’s where #gregtrades comes in! The (to be) all new Greg trading and selling plant service/feature! I have drawn some pictures of logo, icon, symbol ideas and how they might look οΏΌintegrated into the already existing Greg features i.e oasis. Any ideas/recommendations are appreciated! Go #gregtrades ! πŸ˜†πŸ˜† #GregFeedback P.s for the family tree it will have a little blurb of what the person say I just couldn’t fit that it when I was drawing, you would still click on it to see the full review but that would be the plant in the person oasis. @sarahsalith @lazyplantparent @kscape @KikiGoldblatt @RJG #gregdesigns
@PlantyPlanter I love πŸ’• what you have done. This is a great idea.
Hey Noah add #gregdesigns to this if you don't mind! It's a cool idea and attempt to sketch and I don't wanna lose it.
@RJG done!
I think the Family Tree is such a unique suggestion!
@sarahsalith I like it because if I’m getting a plant from someone it would be great to say how they are doing, peoples suggestions, tips, what environments it likes and ways to get it to adapt with shock, etc. I think it would be great
So... like this? (I did it quickly on the fly so they don't quite match up)
@sarahsalith yep! Maybe on the top left but this is the idea!
@rjg do you think the #gregteam will ever/be able to make #gregtrades
@PlantyPlanter if you would find the time to make a #MeetRJG maybe you'd find out 🫣🌚
@RJG do you think you could tell me now? πŸ₯Ί
@PlantyPlanter we’re definitely interested in something like #gregtrades so it’s really cool that you sketched this up! I think making it possible to trade plants within the community is interesting. What we need most right now is to grow the community, so I wonder if there’s a way to facilitate gifting of plants to your friends who don’t already use Greg as a way to invite them to join.

I’m curious: do you have friends or family who grow plants? And if so, have you already invited them to join the app? We need to figure out how to make it fun to invite your friends, family, coworkers, etc.
@alex what do you mean my grow plants? Like to sell? Or just own plants?
I think @alex may be about to beat me to it but we definitely want to enable easier interaction between plant parents across Greg. The most obvious of ways to do that is to create the ability to trade plants and cuttings.

We just have to figure out how to do it safely and fairly for all. A fantastic idea Noah!
@RJG thanks! I have to give @lazyplantparent credit of course. I was thinking, do you think having the plants in a trade he sent to like a Greg P.O. Box/ headquarter and then sent off to the user possible? I think it would be safer that way because the only person getting the address is Greg. It could be optional for people to do that of course @alex
I’m not really a fan of plant swaps (cause I don’t want to@give my babies up!) I want like a Kdawg is a plant black hole and all plants become his event 😏
@Lithopslover it wouldn’t just be for that, you can also pay for plants and give or get pups and props. It’s not like you have to use it but you might find something you like!
@PlantyPlanter I basically guarantee it there’s be something I like lol
@sarahsalith yes! I love the family tree idea. Right now I add the parents info to the notes section.
@Beeps for the props and pups you’ve given people? Ya it’s so smart right! @sarahsalith came up we the idea and @kscape came up with the name!
@PlantyPlanter and the family tree idea πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‰
@PlantyPlanter so the main issue with that is that plants have a limited time they can stay boxed and healthy. I'm sure we can figure something out.
@PlantyPlanter just for ones in my own oasis. I went to check how I did it and guess I never got around to it πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«. I have the info in my plant names from before I discovered you could add notes to the timeline.
@kscape oh wait I thought you came up with the name and Sarah came up with the tracking idea? Did I get it mixed up πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
@PlantyPlanter oh also we don't have a Greg HQ. we're all remote 🫣
@RJG I MEANT*** HQ like a building or a spot, but I got it
@RJG could I or the #gregtrades team be the first beta tester for it πŸ₯Ί there are some plants I want to trade
@PlantyPlanter you came up with the name and I the tree πŸ’–πŸ’–
@RJG I fixed my οΏΌ grammatical error
@kscape GOT IT! SorryπŸ˜… I guess @sarahsalith was there too πŸ˜‚
@PlantyPlanter oh I see! Uh well again the problem is right now that would have to be someone's house or apartment or whatever or we'd have to hire someone new to do it. We are only a team of 11!

As for beta testing a #gregtrades, if we ever build somethjng around this, I'll make sure you're included!
@RJG EKK THANK YOU! Ok that makes sense, if only you could connect with Amazon or something like that to do it the way they do, but I guess they have a warehouse so that’s why the address don’t get sent to the sellerπŸ€”
@RJG I mean I GUESS in the beginning we could not worry about addresses and only restrict it to verified and trusted people. Could you guys get the authority to run a background check?
@RJG *an awesome team of 11
@PlantyPlanter probably not for a long time πŸ™ƒ
@PlantyPlanter I think at least initially you're gonna have to trust the seller. Hopefully the Greg community will allow for that. You for example know you can trust @ABCD and @sarahsalith. ALSO HOW IS PETER AND WHERE IS HE? i know school started but I feel like he's never here anymore πŸ₯Ί
@RJG would about the premium thing? We’re you can pay to have you guys send out stamps instead of having to pay for sending packages? Unless you can do something else
@RJG IKR! I hope everything’s ok! Gotcha ya
@RJG he changed his bio, I’m gonna see if he’s watered plants
@PlantyPlanter that's certainly an interesting idea. We'd have to look and see if there's a way to buy bulk postage and dole it out and then see if that makes sense for our premium members cost wise. Or see what it would cost to make it like an add on to super Greg.

Lots of moving variables, but a good idea for sure
@RJG is last waters have all been in July, unless I missed one
@RJG I think it should be a separate premium because as we saw not everyone’s gonna be super buying and trading, I think you should do a poll/survey to see what people want
@PlantyPlanter hmmm. We'll hope he makes it back @ABCD we miss you fren
@RJG did anybody know him personally on greg?
@RJG Ah sorry I did start school I’ve been so busy but my plants are in good care
@ABCD hello friend! Glad you are well. Also it's good to be busy. Just drop in and say hey sometimes! ☺️
@RJG Will do
@ABCD is school going well so far?
@RJG Yup made friends and my fav class is Psychology
@ABCD omg i was a psych major in college! That's so exciting. Glad you've found friends.

Do they wanna join Greg πŸŒšπŸ«£πŸ˜‚
@RJG Hm one is a fellow houseplant friendβ€” I’ll ask
@ABCD OMG HI!!!! How have things been?! How are the Solomon seal looking!?We have to tell @sarahsalith you’re alive!
@ABCD PETER!!! I've missed you!!
@PlantyPlanter love the mock-ups and ideas πŸ™‚ Definitely keeping my fingers crossed that #gregtrades will someday be a reality! For me personally, I don’t think a Greg mediator and waypoint for trades would be necessary. That’s just me. I have a few reasons why:
β€’ Trades on any other platform at the moment (e.g. blossm, local bst groups, etc.), as well as any plant sales that happen online person-to-person (e.g. nationwide bst groups, facebook marketplace, etc.) ALL require the buyers to provide sellers with their address. Because this is already the norm, I don’t see it as dangerous or abnormal. Of course, anytime you trade or buy a plant from another person online, you’re taking a risk, right? You have to go into the sale trusting the seller, and accepting the risk that comes along with live plants being shipped. That leads me to my second reason…
β€’ If #gregtrades had a feature for buyer (and seller!) feedback/reviews, this could act as another layer of security and trust for the trades experience. On any other platform currently, this is how prospect buyers can verify and communicate with others who have previously purchased from the seller. It also provides seller and buyer accountability if anything should go wrong.
β€’ It’s definitely a cool idea to have Greg mediate trades, but I think it might really complicate the shipping experience. Shipment is already really stressful for plants, and having to send the package to a waypoint before the final destination would only increase the duration of the shipping journey.

So TL; DR β€” in lieu of a Greg waypoint to avoid giving the seller the destination address, implementing these industry standard features could minimize the risk, provide accountability, and increase community trust for trades:
1. Buyer and seller reviews for trades and sales to provide community-wide accountability.
2. The option to mark a trade or sale as being problematic, which could act as a strike against the person’s ability to conduct future transactions. Additionally, the option to escalate a problematic transaction to the Greg Team for review.
3. A method for verifying sellers through identity verification measures.
4. A quick training module for those brand new to shipping plants, complete with a short quiz to verify completion and understanding.
5. These various additional security methods could result in specific badges sellers can earn (e.g. real person, passed shipment training module, etc.).

And on that note, I think it would be super cool to incorporate some infographic/short swipe-through modules of informational guides! Like for plant care, shipping, and other how-to topics! I’m a visual learner so this style has been really useful for me in my own research with plants. I love making visual concept maps to help me understand new things, and idk but maybe it could help others too. πŸ™‚ @RJG
@PlantyPlanter I have COVID… so not so good (the one time I didn’t wear a mask to the mall, the ONE TIME) @sarahsalith good evening
@ABCD omg nooo! How are you feeling??!
@PlantyPlanter Better than the last few days it seems I’m on the mend
@ABCD that’s good!

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