Posted 3w ago by @Roserade

They’re here! And I’m in love! #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantProperFanClub #PlantProperThursday #plantproper #alocasiatinydancer #SyngoniumWendlandii
Ahhhh they look so good!
The tiny dancer!!! 🤩🤩🤩 they look so good! Great picks.....
@PlantEsteem it’s my first Syngonium, hope it doesn’t hate me! And I swore I wasn’t getting another dramatic Alocasia but I’m a glutton for punishment.
I know....Alocasia can ve such drama....but they are so pretty. I know that love hate feeling... @Roserade
Tiny dancers are surprisingly undramatic. At least from what I've seen from mines. Kinda easy going actually and they give good guttation(not sure I spelled that right)
@ManyLime good to know! Because sometimes I wanna just slap my alocasias and tell them to just get over it already. Lolol
Yes!!! Make sure to rinse the leaves whenever you can. Mine is outside so it gets a shower. The wendlandii also gets all its leaves rinsed down in the sink
@jcPlantProper Ok, thanks Janai!
i’m getting my tiny dancer on the 13th! this picture made me even more excited
My #SyngoniumWendlandii from plant proper is an easygoing happy plant. I went and got 3 more #Syngonium from them. 💕😉💓. Love them

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