Posted 1Y ago by @HyggeVibes

Do you snip yellowed pads off of your #BrazillianPricklyPear ?
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I always snip yellowed/brown leaves off plants. That way the plants energy can be used for new growth and the other leaves!
sometimes. Mine is outside so they just fall off in the wind
@RJG LOL- well, currently snowing here in MI 🥶 But, we bought property in the Sonoran Desert and will be moving in 1-2 years!!!! 🌵🏜🌵🏜
@HyggeVibes Yah we're headed below freezing tonight after being 85 yesterday. gonna have to move some plants into the shed.
I am quite impressed you can hold those in your hand. the spines are the most brutal of any cactus I have
@RJG LOL, I pinched them off with my fingers. This one is really not very pokey. 😁
@gracegrows that was my thinking too 😁