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Obsessed with my new monstera peru!

Forgot to post my newest addition, a monstera peru! I'm obsessed with its prehistoric looking leaves!

I quite literally saved it from HD. All of their perus were absolutely pouring out the tops with water in their cache pots. (Got it just in time, though, because its root system is totally healthy still). But man, was it heavy 😅

It had a few dead leaves on the bottom, so they ended up giving it to me for half off. I got it for $8! EIGHT!! and it's massive.
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6” pot with drainage
Last watered 11 months ago
How do y’all get half off at HD? I ask and either they ignore me or they just don’t do it 😭😭 (and I’m in CenTex)
By the way, that’s the most gorgeous Peru I’ve ever seen!! My prop DIED so I’ll be living through you 🤣🤣🤭🫶🏽🫶🏽
@dreamlettuce I'm so sorry they havent given it to you!!! I just ask if they give a discount for damaged leaves/plants. I've only asked twice now, but both times that I've asked, the plants have had some pretty obvious damage. And they just said yeah, i can do half off. This picture was after it was trimmed and repotted, but he was looking rough. Other times I just found them already on the clearance rack which was half off too
@dreamlettuce It was hiding in the back!!! The rest of their perus were pretty small. I was shocked when I found it! I'm so sorry your prop died!! Thats so heart breaking!!! How is your shang ri la doing?
@idkstephs You’re too sweet!! No need to apologize 🤣🤣 I do ask but it’s probably because most people here aren’t really nice 🫣🫣 most HD plants here are also swimming in muddy water, so sad.

My Peru prop, if anything, was kind of an accident lol. I received a bundle of cuttings last year and I did NOT know what a Monstera Peru was. I accidentally had broken off the main leaf from the stem and had no idea what to do 🤣🤣

This was way before I started #ScienceWithGreg so I placed it in water and it was there for…2 months. After #PothosWater became a thing, I placed it with a Pothos cutting and it rooted 3 days later!

After that, I became overwhelmed with cuttings that I completely forgot about it and it got killed by algae and mold 💀💀

My Shangri-La is doing good! Waiting for a couple more roots before I’m able to transplant it but so far, it’s pushed out a small leaf! 🌱🙌🏽 thank you for asking 💖
@dreamlettuce my HD won’t discount plant either. But Lowe’s legit has a “distressed plant” button at the cash register, so I usually get one that looks a tiny bit sad and point it out to them, most of the time they hit the button! And if you can find the person in charge of plants at Walmart, they usually will discount them for you too.
Oh you live at Hood! That makes sense then. I lived there a few years ago and the people there are just like you said... not very nice unfortunately 😭

Yessss #pothoswater is what made me look into getting a pothos! And then I fell in love with the shangri la!!! I'm happy yours is doing good!! 🤍🌿
@CaffeinatedFern Aw I'm so sorry your HD won't either! Youre right though about Lowes! Lowes is super good about it! I didn't know Walmart did, that's good to know!
@idkstephs oh yeah, Walmart will mark them down! The boss lady at my closed Walmart is Evelyn! Just had a nice chat with her today! (I do wonder if she ever dreads seeing me. I don’t ever ask for a discount I think isn’t justified. My husband teases me about it tho. It’s a joke in my family now!🤦🏼‍♀️)
Hahahah it never hurts to ask! Especially if you're only asking when it's justified! I'm sure she's a plant lover as well, so she probably doesn't mind!
Sigh…. *adds another plant to growing wish list* 🌱☀️❤️
Very nice!
@idkstephs what is your success rate from Home Depot plants. ? I swear I’m never going to buy plants from there again, aside from the occasional nerve plant because they know they put diseased plants out for sale and don’t care. I’ve been seeing the galaxy monstera Peru and was able to resist the temptation because I don’t want another plant from Home Depot that has to come back from the dead once the pre-existing fungal disease manifests within the week after I bring the plant home. The hanging baskets have been the biggest disappointment. They are so lush in the store ! I’ve taken countless back to them and have to say more times than not I have to take them back within a few weeks unless I’m really motivated to save a plant
@CaffeinatedFern thx for the tip on the “distressed plant” button. That is going to be immensely helpful over the course of my many moments of weakness
@TexanExpat anything to help a fellow plantaholic! 🤪
@idkstephs I just got one myself, are they not just stunning. I got my from
@TexanExpat So far not much success! Maybe 50/50. I was still learning alot about plant care when i brought plants from them before. I'm a lot more careful with which ones I bring home and I repot them immediately to check for roots and pests. And then I have a quarantine period for a month. This has made it alot more successful! I've had alot more luck at Lowes and HEB as far as box stores go
@KikiGoldblatt Yours is beautiful! Thank you for the link, I'll check that shop out!!!
@idkstephs have purchased some of my best plants from HEB. There is an older HEB on Babcock that has a much bigger garden center collection than others I have seen. I have bought a couple of sick plants there, but I was not on guard and made impulsive decisions. My PPP was only $15! Which HEB do you go to? Lowe’s has the same issue as HD. I asked the customer care center if someone stocking the shelves saw a hammer that was clearly defective hammer, would they just put it out there nonetheless knowing that it could cause injury or do they pull it? They pull it. So I asked why are plants that clearly defective and have pathogens any different ? The answer was sad. She said they don’t give ANY training to the garden center people. They don’t know what sick plants are or what to do with them. It’s up to vendor to qualify check. It would appear that the vendor is happy to make money selling sick plants. I surmise the business model for both HD and Lowes#’s is high volume, low price, they offer a 1 year watranty and leave it up to us to bring a sick plant back. They make their money bc they do t have the returns to make the warrant not commercially feasible.
@idkstephs that is by far my favorite Etsy store to buy plants from. They are a small family business and are very amazing people. I highly recommend them.
@TexanExpat Oooooh I'll definitely check out the HEB on Babcock!! Thank you for that. Yeah lowes definitely isn't quality but I'm usually able to save them. I repot them right away quarantine and preemptively treat for pests. And I usually get them for half off or a super cheap price so it's worth it to me. I love saving money! It is such a shame that they don't receive proper training. I remember asking some of the people in the section for the names of plants and they never have known.
@KikiGoldblatt I love that!!!