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I just want to say that these lights are the bomb! I have several kinds and the girls just LOVE these lights! I can’t believe what a difference these lights have…APLANT Grow Light, 20W Ultra-Thin LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum, 6/10/12H Timer Plant Light, 132 LEDs) #HappyPlants #PropagationStation #GrowLights #PlantCorner #GregGang #Greggers
Oh lol. They look totally like mine. Even they photoshopped the same picture of lights and remote on the box.
@vvvelo IKR?!? LOL you made me lol for real!
@Yeeha234 do you use these lights already? What’s your experience with them? I’ve noticed that my plants still stretching under these lights. So I bought second pair of it.
@Yeeha234 I just installed second pair of this LED for my succulents .
@vvvelo I put my second ones here. The kitchen is on the other side of the window so I put a few plants there too! I hope by fall to get everyone healthy and labeled! I haven’t had much stretching but remember to put them however close or far they need. 😊

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