Posted 3w ago by @userd779e61f

Folks who pay for premium, is it worth it? Does it resolve the bugs in the app? Eager to hear whether or not I should pull the trigger and buy it for my birthday πŸ₯³
I am super happy with my purchase. I’m not sure what bugs your experiencing so not sure if premium would fix that but in general I think it’s worth the money.
Thanks @Amyrosecessna! The Android app is filled with bugs - app crashing, restarting, freezing, settings (name, last water date, size of pot location, etc) not saving from one session to the next... I'm hesitant to pay if it won't fix any of those issues. But I'm happy to hear your feedback!
@userd779e61f I have an iPhone so not sure about android. Hopefully someone from #teamgreg can chime in and give some feedback on the issues you are having. My guess is that premium won’t fix any bugs since you don’t download a different app. But maybe the bugs could be fixed with the next update.
@Amyrosecessna my thoughts exactly. Hoping you're right!

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