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Black spots on my Hoya australis: fungus?

Hello. I’ve been lurking and learning on here for a bit and have a concern about my Hoya australis. When I first brought her home a few weeks ago there were a couple brown spots on her leaves, but I wasn’t worried and she started looking better. But now I see black spots that are growing as is my concern. Not new to plants, but I am new to Hoyas. My first thought is fungus. I’m careful with watering, but again, new to Hoyas so I’m possibly still not careful enough. It is sitting near a humidifier so maybe that’s exacerbating it? Should I repot it and inspect the roots? I also sprayed neem on all my plants a couple weeks ago. I live in the PNW and I’m always concerned with fungus.
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
I have several other plants in the area, mostly Hoyas, and they all look fine.
Can you add a few pics please? That might help us discover the issue πŸ’š (I added a pic to show how to attach one, excuse my terrible scribble haha)
Ironically @HoyaAddict - the picture didn't post. 🀭
Welcome to Greg, Julie! I'm glad you're here. In general, Hoyas need lots of light. They also like chunkier soil that holds some moisture but allows the roots to breathe.

If this is a recent picture, it looks like the new growth at the end of the stem has shriveled too. ):

Messing with the roots can put your plant into shock, so that's a last-resort thing, in my opinion.

Your plant isn't sitting in water at the bottom of that ceramic pot, is it?
@HoyaAddict I don’t see the pic. I’ll see if I can do it though. Still trying to figure the app out.
@sarahsalith I was wondering if I should have mixed more perlite or some orchid bark in to the soil when I potted it. I thought it looked ok, but again, still new to Hoyas. 😊 And you are correct-the new growth in the stem is shriveling. 😩 I tipped the pot and no extra water came out, so I think I’m good there. The photo is from the time I made the post.
Oh hey look at that!!! I was able to add photos! Ha! Little victories. πŸ˜‚ So those are all from right now. I took one from each side of the pot.
@Nomadnurse Hey Julie well done on adding the great pictures! Your Hoya definitely looks like it has rot, I would check the roots out and repot into something smaller preferably terracotta. These babies have super fine roots that can rot very quickly. Trim off any smelly/soft/black roots, I would also trim off any black leaves of stem tips, these will keep spreading if left alone. They’re pretty drought tolerant so treat them like succulents, wait until bone dry and then a good soak. You might want to put a cutting of two into some water just in case it doesn’t recover you have some back up plants. Good luck (also I would leave out of a cover pot just to let the air holes get some air and prevent it sitting in water) please let us know how it turns out! I usually keep my Hoya in small 9cm or 12cm terracotta pots, they love it. Tonnes of perlite and a bit of bark will definitely help the soil breathe. 🌈🌺
@HoyaAddict I just happen to have two terracotta pots left-about 10cm. I’ll give that a try. Thank you!
@Nomadnurse Oh that’s perfect! Please let us know how it goes, I love Hoya so much and I hope we can save yours it’s beautiful 🀩