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#PlantEnthusiast #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy I just don’t know how this keeps happening!!?? I was doing well; yesterday evening I even thought I had my buying under control when I put a bunch of plants in the cart ( I’m not going to say on which site I was) suffice it to say that I realized in time that I really didn’t have room for all those large plants! So one by one I emptied the cart. I felt very accomplished. Who am I kidding???
To be continued…. And here I go on. I do have sleepless nights, again last night! With no bad intentions I checked out my email ( never do that when you can’t sleep!!!) Well I did it and low and behold I came across an email from Planterina, Yikes 😱 50% off!! OH Nooooo!! I was done for, I looked at all the lovely pictures, and even without wanting it to happen six little plants ended up in my cart!! But 4 of them are considered “Mini” plant so I should have the room for them! Fingers crossed 🤞
You put them ALL back? 🥺
@sarahsalith Well yes, I put them ALL back! But the story continues…
@Ms.Persnickety I hope your little ones stay little long enough for you to find a good spot for them! (:
@sarahsalith I hope so too, the Minis are all Sansevieras there’s a Gold Star, an Ocean Star and an Emerald Star, the Black Hahnii and the Jade Hobbit (not a Sanseviera) are “smallish “ the only larger one is the Pencil Cactus, cannot wait to get them

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