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Just thought about this while looking at someone else’s plant they have

A plant wish list ? Corny but at least we’ll remember the names have care cards already etc we’ll just need to find them lol
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Def on our road map!!!
I actually think this is a great idea! As a new plant enthusiast Im still learning the names of a lot of plants and this would be great for me to remember!
I love that idea!!
@RJG great drew thanks☺️
@yeahwills lol I’ve been in this for a year and still dk half of the names
@RJG honestly the app has already improved since I e been here my short while! I love the new tracking and plant cards so much! The Greg Team is doing an amazing job! That’s what happens when the community is made to be an active part! Keep up the great work!
@yeahwills so many exclamations in that comment but I’m just so excited hahahah.
@yeahwills that honestly means so much to us to hear! Happy growing!!

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