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Good morning #GregGang! In the past week or so, there hav...

Good morning #GregGang! In the past week or so, there have been a few posts showing our creativity with naming plants and gifting. So naturally, I decided we need a group where we share ideas about plant stands, greenhouses and their setup, storage, etc. So… if this sounds like something you’d enjoy, join #PlantStorageandDecor! I have my first IKEA greenhouse coming tomorrow so I’m itching to set it up! If you’ve got one, share your setups! I’ve ordered acrylic pegboard with shelves to start. I’ll share pics when I’m done! In the meantime, here’s a pic of a GORGEOUS greenhouse that I aspire to have. Also, it might be cool to have a group where we can share our experiences with #PlantMail , so let me introduce you to #PlantMailSupplier, a space where we can share online purchases and experiences. Let’s help each other find the cream of the crop, and avoid the disappointment of order that passed in less time than it took you to receive your order. 🫣 What the heck, let’s go all in. Here’s a new group to provide recommendations of products, routines, pest control, etc. so we can all have a thriving oasis! Join me in #GrowRecs! #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PLANTMAFIA #cpclubthursday #HelpMeNameMyPlant #PropagationStation #PlantTherapy #SucculentLove #GrowLights #AlocasiaAddicts #Philodendron #CarnivorousPlants #CarnivorousClub #CactusClique #Corinne #Syngonium #Alocasia #GreggersSupportingGreggers #Greggers #PlantHaul #plantmememonday #plantjokes
I’ll be the first to contribute! I found a FB group dedicated to IKEA greenhouse builds. Posters usually include links to what they used and sometimes even video tutorials! That’s where I found the photo above… there is so much inspiration in that group.
@Corinne you are on fire, Corinne 🔥
Joining! I looooove these ikea greenhouses.
I’m in
@Corinne amazing, Corinne, just joined all those groups 😄 would it be interesting to have a separate one where you post diy's (e.g. plant pots, propagation stations, plant stands, etc), or should we add those to #plantstorageanddecor or even #growrecs?
@eeriewoodlander I think those fit in both! DIYs are great! My intent was for it to be broad and be a group where we could be creative and share our knowledge with each other. 💕
Loving the responses here!! So glad you all like these ideas. We’re going to help our plants flourish in all of these groups! They’re intended to be broad so we can learn from each other. We’re our own best resources. 🥳🥰
Such a great idea!! @EZLennyLance
What a great idea!!
What a wonderful idea! 😍🪴
Love it! Joined em all ☺️ Looking forward to your cabinet updates. I haven’t gone down that road yet. But I also didn’t used to have a window full of cacti and succulents 😂
Awesome ideas! I’m in ♥️
@Corinne you are so firing at the moment Corrine, I am loving it. You have such great ideas and names for groups (LOL 😁😆😁)
Totally agree, we can share and grow and our plants benefit too! So glad your here Corrine! More than just a great Thanks so much for just being you and bringing the energy!
@Corinne Corrine you may as well give me a list of all your groups because I would happily join them all! And have a few more ideas at some stage!
Have fun!
@Corinne Hi Corinne. I did a post about this a week or so ago, but I thought I’d just share the photo here. This is the plant stand setup I’m currently working on. I like where it’s going but it’s not quite there yet! My daughter has offered to paint a picture for the center based on whatever theme I’d like. So I’m thinking…. PLANTS! 😂
@Corinne btw, great idea for a group!!!
@LaSiguanaba I LOVE IT!!! And having your daughter paint something for the center would be perfect! 💕
@Seymour thanks Seymour! I think you’ve got them all. 😂 I can’t wait to see what you have coming!! and thank you for the compliment. I’m just following your lead. You’re definitely bringing the energy!! Memer😂
@Corinne Thank you! My daughter is 15, and really talented (I’m biased!), so I know whatever she paints will look great. I’m so excited to see it come together! ☺️
Sending a big welcome to all who have joined!! I’m so excited to see your posts, setups, creativity, and places to get more amazing plants! This is such a supportive community it and I love it! 💕🥳
@LaSiguanaba that’s amazing 🥰 and what a perfect way to combine the things you love!
This is such a cool idea Corinne! ☺️🤩 I’ve joined all the groups and am very much looking forward to seeing what you do with your greenhouse, that’s so exciting! 🥳 May I ask if you’re planning for it to be an indoor or an outdoor project? 🌿 Either way I have no doubt you’ll make it absolutely gorgeous! ⭐️✨
@signorebean thank you so much! This greenhouse will be indoors. It was purchased for a few of my fussy Alocasias 😂 Outdoor may be needed at some point so though, so I can’t wait to see what everyone has done for both!!
@Corinne this is a great Facebook group; they were extremely helpful when I got my Milsbo tall.
IKEA greenhouse cabinets are awesome. I have all of my anthurium, Verrucosum, and gloriosums in these. I’m out of room for any more with 6 but there’s always room to enclose the entire room to make it a grow room.

It’s been a journey but as long as those temps and humidity levels are stable and remain ideal, it’ll be fine. I have more acrylic shelves coming in today or tomorrow. I don’t even remember anymore. 😅
@AnthuriumQueen mine hasn’t been delivered yet and I’m already thinking they will be as addictive as plants 😂
@Corinne oh, they will! Plants grow and we forget that too! I’m about to switch rooms: Succulents downstairs and Ike’s cabinets upstairs! 🌿
@eeriewoodlander We already have a propagation station... #propagationstation
And #tipsandtricks. @Corinne we also have #plantshopreview #unscrupuloussellers and many more
@AnthuriumQueen they grow as long as we don’t accidentally off them 😂 I’ve already gone on IKEA and saved the ones I want so if I get a wild hair…. 😬
@Corinne we bought this house last September, so I have lots of design ideas and planned projects. But I’m quickly running out of indoor space for plants. I need to get creative! 🤔
@LaSiguanab I bought my house 9 years ago and I’m just getting around to renovating the house and the garden beds. Over the years I’ve had outside trees and bushes removed but after I joined this app I got deep into plant life. So I started growing bulbs and plants inside last fall and had the whole front yard wiped out to start from scratch. I probably know exactly how you’re feeling 😂 Before I was able to start moving stuff outside my dining room was crammed with plant stands. I’ve got pretty much a floor to ceiling bay window that’s SW facing. About a month ago I knocked over an entire stand, shattered a gorgeous new ceramic planter, toppled my favorite plants. But they survived! Now I’m loving the greenhouse idea. I’ve already got my eyes on some larger IKEA ones, I just need to wait for my reno to finish so I know where they will go. I’m not sure if this would help your situation or not, but I have 2 of these and I LOVE THEM. This is from the website but I can snag a few of mine in a bit. These are so sturdy, easy to assemble, and they haven’t reacted at all to my water and liquid fertilizer spills, no warping. I’ve got a few bookcases from them as well and the same applies. I love this brand!*+stands*&type=product
@LaSiguanaba I’m kicking myself for not taking a screenshot now because I can’t find the post, but someone in a FB group posted a pic of their hanging plants. They suspended a ladder horizontally from the ceiling and had planters hanging off of it. It looked so cool! Perfect for when you run out of floor space!
@Corinne That is a lovely plant stand—it looks so sturdy. It must look beautiful in your home! How lucky to have a huge SW facing window. My main living space has north and east facing windows, and only a small window on the southern wall, so I tend to get creative with grow lights. I sometimes wish I could just easily add a window somewhere, lol.
@Corinne I am just starting to work on the outside as the weather warms, snd we get past overnight freezes. I’ve planted several hanging baskets for the patio, and am trying my hand at container gardening as well. In the front yard, we have raised beds and I don’t know where to begin with those! There is so much to learn!
@LaSiguanaba there is so much to learn! I’m positive I have started with more than I can handle. I just got so excited. 😬 I’m hoping that the money I’ve spent doesn’t curl over and 💀 I can’t do hanging baskets. I had one my first year and it didn’t end well 🪺🐍 🥺 And we have deer and rabbits so growing in the ground has been a challenge in the past. They’d eat my plants straight down to the dirt. I’m pretty sure the majority of my outdoor stuff is now deer resistant, pollinator friendly, and attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Only time will tell. 🤞
@Corinne We have a ton of wildlife here too, especially deer. I planted some pots with seeds on the patio and 1 has already been disturbed by a cat or squirrel, lol. At least the seeds are sprouting. I’m hoping to attract pollinators as well. I will start on the raised beds soon…
I'm totally in! 😁 I'm in a wee 2 bed flat and storage is starting to become a REAL headache! Lol 😂 though I am about to get the Livingroom decorated so my pet joiner will be getting a call for some cool shelving for my babies (& to keep them out of reach if the furry ones! Lmao 😹😹). Then I'll have to figure out just how many growlights I'll need (will prob get a bang on the door from the cops thinking I'm growing something I shouldn't be! Lmao it's not legal to grow it in the UK... YET! lol 😂). I love led grow lights for low electricity usage though, I've got three running 12 hrs a day and haven't seen any extra expense they're great!

Can't wait to see the amazing ideas that get posted! 👏👏🥰 Xx