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so i don't really know what's going on but all my traps stopped reacting. ALL OF THEM. i triggered all of them and i get nothing. so I repotted them in a bigger pot all together. Does anyone know what may be wrong?? #plantaddict #venusflytrap
I mean, they look like they’re in really good shape. What kind of medium are they in? Are you using distilled water or rain water to water them? Any other kind of water will kill them. Triggering the traps uses up a lot is the plant’s energy. It’s best not to because the energy they burn snapping shut and then opening will deplete them, especially if there was nothing in the trap to digest when they closed.
I read each one can only close 4-5 times.
I've been a vft owner for awhile now. I raised one of those in the picture from just a seedling. I keep them in distilled water and give then full sun. that's what I've always done. I've been using superthrive on my other plants and accidentally sprayed my VFT the other day. I don't know if thats what's wrong but nothing else is any different than how it's always been. surely superthrive wouldn't kill them? or harm them???
@SubTrop no I mean none of them are reacting at all. even the babies. I'm an experienced VFT owner and have never had any issues ever at all until this last week
@kris10nicolee What soil do you use? I’m a newbie to vft’s.
@kris10nicolee it could be the superthrive perhaps - although you are way more experienced than I am with VFT by the sounds, when I got mine the research said that they basically like to be devoid of any nutrients or even minerals in the water as anything can kill them pretty much so if that’s accurate maybe it’s having an effect on them?
update yall. they are finally back in action. idk what happened. @SubTrop I use long fiber sphagnum moss and this potting soil
@GreenAndGrowing I'm sure, almost positive it was the superthrive
@kris10nicolee it sounds most likely but I’m glad they have recovered!

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