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I just have to show you my dad's plan. At first I bought it for my mom cuz she'd love to break colors and it was only a small plant in like a 6-in pot. Since then we have divided the plant. In one pot there are two and then one in another pot with several branches. My Dad took over cuz mom is not one to take care of plants. #happyplants #gardencroton
Beautiful 🀩
What a beauty! πŸ₯°
It's got to be 7-8 years old
That looks amazing! 😍😍😭😭
I have been trying to get him to change the pots for some nice new ones but he refuses ! His pots were beach litter he found when he was scouting about in his boat. Maybe I'll try my luck with those rope baskets or paint it when he's out to his cabin.
Oh and he also tosses left over tea in it and dog water... I mean maybe the pH of the orange, peco tea and honey might be the trick to such a gorgeous plant
Woah!!!! Looking so good....those leaves.....🀩🀩

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