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I need someone to either talk me out of it, or recommend one. But I have a crazy urge to get an indoor palm tree. Any advice on what to get or what to avoid? #plantaddict #plantsmakepeoplehappy
Hi! I recommend it! I had one before I moved. They’re great as long as you can give them bright indirect light and keep them away from cold dry air. Maybe get an air humidifier for it
@raaspra I recommend a Majesty Palm. They do require lots of humidity. I use a humidifier on my plants. I recommend this one, it’s a bit pricey but their plants have always been hands down one of the best sellers. I but from them on Etsy and Amazon. I also but for this company on Etsy. It’s the second link.

Majesty Palm - Live Palm Tree Plant - Tropical Plants of Florida - Overall Height 42" to 48" (Plant Only)
@raaspra here is my Majesty Palm. I purchased it off of the link from Etsy I posted.
@KikiGoldblatt Gorgeous!!
@KikiGoldblatt So I decided if one was good, two were better. I bought from that store you suggested!

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