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Hey plant vibe tribe… newly becoming a green thumb - got this beauty golden pathos last week… and it has these brown wormy looking small vines coming out of it - is this normal? What are these? Do I leave them? Thanks for any advice #PlantLove
Oh wow those are just roots! I normally cut my pothos in between the nodes and stick them in water to grow roots like that! You could cut those and plant them to make the plant fuller or leave them and spray them with water and they might start leaves!
These are all my cuttings! I’m gonna start a new plant in a new pot soon! You could also cut those and plant them to make another pothos baby!
Yep! Just arial roots. They help the plant to climb and get more moisture.
Aerial roots to help these babies climb
@PlantTherapy oh really?! Great to know - thanks!
@PlantTherapy so cool
What they said too!!
Thanks for the insight - maybe a new baby pothos is in my near future