Posted 1M ago by @foliagegirl

Mum, why are we sitting here on the floor?

Amélie is confused why I'm sitting on the floor here...because she doesn't care about my plants. 😅 here you can see most of my monsteras and zamioculas a sneaky aglaonema amongst them.
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Pretty plant set up. Loving the puppers! 🥰
@foliagegirl love 💕 your setup and the your gorgeous 4 legged fur baby.
What a cute fur baby
Love that face, your fur baby is adorable. The plants look fantastic 😍
Omg I would totally take your puppers 😍😍😍😍what kind is she ? SO. CUTE.
Awww.....that's a great view. She doesn't know how good she has it! So cute! 😍🤩
Awww 🥰
Oh my gosh she’s gorgeous!!
Ooh that light and that pup are to die for!! 💚
She has a personality💖!!! Her face says it all! Uuum, excuse me Mom, this is MY area!🤣
My furry pumpkin 🎃 is not participating in the succulents observation today 🤣🤣
@vvvelo Such a pretty baby

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