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Probably not a best practice, but once in a while I like to give my plants a good shower. 🚿 light pressure tap water on the sink, but I do wash off their leaves. I hope it’s not too bad for them. 🌱🤔
It’s good for them once in a while, especially the ones with lots of leaves, as dust makes it harder for them to photosynthesis ☺️
Why would it be bad? 🤔 In nature they would be submitted to rain showers... 🤷🏻‍♀️
Your plants are so pretty.
@kristelle gorgeous plants! 💕💕🥰🥰
@Ada3 thank you 😊
@KikiGoldblatt thank you so much 😊
@BeesZenGarden true! I just read different things. Don’t over water, bottom water, don’t spray the leaves, don’t leave outside (calatheas) , don’t use tap water, and so on… Each plant is just so different, but I like to gather them all together once in a while and spray them all down.
Your lime prayer plant is thriving! 😍 I’m surprised she’s ok with tap water. They are finicky and often require filtered water or rain water, because the chemicals in city water upset them.
@KimberleyMegan I just got some microfiber gloves to wipe leaves down… thank you!
@BeesZenGarden me too actually. I usually water her with distilled water , and only tap water during these group showers 😆
@kristelle Having a big “shower session” for them all sounds like a relaxing experience for the plants and you!… ☺️ I hear you on reading/ hearing so many different things!!… 🤪 It’s overwhelming at times… I tend to follow my intuition if I get too much conflicting info/advice and so far so good… Lol *knocking on wood* I keep killing orchids but the rest seems to survive! 😝 I got my 1st prayers plants a few months ago and there was a learnjng curve to what they like/dislike but we are slowly getting there!… 😅 I spray all my plants regularly and I think they like it. 🥰
Only wish they were a bit shiny… 😬😅

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