Posted 4w ago by @RJG

a tasty #SpringIntoSummer with delicious fresh blackberries from #RJGsYard!! #Blackberry #ProduceByRJG
I have some teaberry and partidge berry starts on the way from eBay.
Oh man nothing compares to fresh pickled blackberries!! Especially the super big ones! 🀀🀀🀀
When I was a kid, my subdivision was still in development and the open tracts had wild blackberry bushes! Every spring/summer my family and I would go pick some blackberries, leaving enough for the rest of the neighborhood. One summer when there weren’t that many tracts of land still undeveloped, I saw a couple park outside my house and pick the bushes clean. I was so mad, especially because next year there were houses in place of the blackberry bushes. I think someday I’m going to have to cultivate my own like @RJG to heal my childhood wounds! haha

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