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Favorite plant name? Curious what good ones yall have com...

Favorite plant name?
Curious what good ones yall have come up with. This one is my favorite but Jimothée Chalamet is a close second. #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict #PlantNames
3ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
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Cool my cactus is named planty @Plantman69
@AnewLionsear a classic
@Plantman69 that’s that I’m sayin
It all depends on the plant!!!
@JesssJungle you must have a favorite of yours
I love the plant name I gave my ex's snake plant. It's a bit naughty. I named it Trouser.
@plantkillanomo I love it! Just the right amount of naughty
I think my favourite is fat boy, BOB😊🌵 Simple but strong💪
That’s definitely a fat boy BOB if I ever seen one
I have a trio of queen pothos (2 marbles and a snow) all named after queens. The marbles are Cleopatra and Genmei. The snow queen is Tilda Swinton ❄️
@SunroomJungle yessss love Tilda Swinton
My rosso Ross i think is my fav. I wonder if he thinks we’re on a break
@Plantman69 I just named my new Venus fly trap Anubis.
@JesssJungle I’m always a fan of mythological names, all my tillandsia are named after Greek heroes
I love Jimothée Chalamet! 😂 For those who watch Key & Peele…this is making me think I need to start naming any new plants I get after the college football player names from those skits 🧐😂
But fave names of plants I have now…I’m a big horror fan, so I named my 2 black bat flowers Dracula and Nosferatu, my 2 black rose tree aeoniums Morticia and Wednesday, I have Edgar Allan Pothos, and couldn’t think of a good name for my second rosemary plant, so she is Rosemary’s Baby…🤓
Aaaand I also love new wave music and Stranger Things, so my China rose is Kate RoseBush.
All of my plants are named after celebrities, musicians and occasionally characters from songs and books.
I have a heart leaf philodendron named “Tom Hearty” and a sexy sansevieria night owl named “Darling Nikki.”
@DanDeLión big Prince fan here, so I’m loving Darling Nikki! 🙌🏼💜
@HanSolo87 Edgar Allen Pothos is fantastic! 10/10
@DanDeLión Tom Hardy is an underrated actor and your plant does him justice
I have a sensitive plant named fernie sanders and a fiddle leaf named Cyril Figus. I giggle at both each time I see them pop up 😂
@Plantman69 You know!🙌🏾💜
@HanSolo87 😉💜
Tupot Amaroot
My 2 plants are a spinless yucca, name is Strife. My other is a dracaena fragrans and her name is Draca.

Love both names, can't pick a favorite
This is my golden pothos Anoana (ah-no-ahna) named after my favorite Heilung song said to be inspired by an ancient gold coin!
@SamsLilGarden watched archer again today, love that show
@MsShawtyE definitely using Tupot Shakur
@Plantman69 BB Betty. If you ever watch Will Trent … It’s hilarious why I love this name. Hahahahaha