Posted 1w ago by @ManyLime

I had to post a #glowup post for my hope peperomia. I ordered some houseplants on Amazon and it was destroyed. So badly I didn't even know what it was and had 3 leafs left. The way it looks today is amazing. #proudplantmama #springintosummer #plantaddict
wow, you did an amazing job!!
She looks great😊
@Ms.PersnicketyPants thank you! It took sooooo long for anything to start growing. I was discouraged but I just kept watering and it finally took off!
@CoolNoblefir thank you 😊
That’s a really cool plant! Time to add to my Notes wishlist :)
@ABCD it's been one of the least problematic for me so far, Once it started to grow that is. Doesn't require much watering.. just easy going for me.
@ManyLime it’s like an amazing CMP! I have a Peperomia and it’s easy care 😌

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