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3 Kings should be feelin’ like a king after his repot yes...

3 Kings should be feelin’ like a king after his repot yesterday!

This is my first syngonium & I think he’s doin alright so far!
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4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Great job @elisenavidad !!
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Woah! I like how your version growing upward. Mine is growing west. Plus mine was mailed and it definitely needs some TLC. Their photos did not match and it’s probably why they gave me a free monstera lol
@PlantJedi I honestly don’t know why it is! My friend gave me two and they’re both very leggy! This is my first Syngonium so I don’t know much about them yet!
@elisenavidad same… mine is variegated soo the white that’s damaged… not sure I can recover it.
@elisenavidad I love the emerald green color yours have. Very cool.
Three Kings is a really pretty one, and fairly uncommon (but as with all plants, it is probably getting to be less so). It looks happy!
@UltraKoreanfir oh wow, I didn’t know that! & thank you 🫶🏻