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I need help. I untangled my spider plants roots a few nights ago because it was so root bound and right now I have it in sort of a hydroponic system but does anyone have any recommendations on the size of pot I should put it in or the best way to repot it? Becuase I have no idea. The longest roots are about 1 yard long.
My spider is pretty happy being a tad root bound. I’ve got mine in a 12” diameter. I would say go at least 2” bigger than the pot they came out of. I’ve never untangled roots before! I always plop the root ball back in a pot with fresh soil as long as there are no pests or rot.
Oh my 😳 uh, @RJG @jcPlantProper @KikiGoldblatt @sarahsalith Any advice?
First add #RootPorn πŸ˜‚
Um wow hahah! Honestly you can cut them to like a foot long and place in a pot. They can prob be shorter than that.
I agree with @jcPlantProper - time to give those roots a trim. (: I'm very impressed with your patience and the care you took to do this, Izzy!

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