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This Lithops split during the summer (wrong time of year but it did) and revealed two heads. Both twin heads were very small but one of them has made me the teeniest tiniest flower! 🥹 #LithopsArmy #Lithops #BloomingSuccs #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad
Your Lithops bring me so much joy 😍
That's fantastic!!!!! @Jana85 so happy for you! Look at your lil twins go....🤩🤩
@PlantMompy awww that’s so sweet! ☺️
@PlantEsteem I’m happy they’re even just surviving, let alone flowering! I love them so much. 💚
@Jana85 look at that darling little one go… 💕
@FirstCanna it’s soooo tiny! I can’t believe it’s blooming.
@Jana85 you truly are the lithop whisperer🤔
@FirstCanna idk, we will see in the long term I guess! I’ve had my oldest one about a year. They can live over 50 years so I hope I’m good enough at it to keep them alive as long as I’m alive!
@Jana85 I’ve killed to many of them… I gave like 9 to my mom she seems to have more luck than I do with them!😅😅😅😅
@FirstCanna they’re little divas, to be sure! Very picky. My mom has some and she ignores them 90% of the time and they’re thriving. I can’t do that—I can’t just ignore my plants. I look at every single one of them twice a day at least. Lol
@Jana85 same here… my mom is actually on greg… I told her how it helps me to know when to water and she liked that idea…🤣🤣🤣🤣
@FirstCanna my mom would never use Greg. She just waters things whimsically when she feels they need it. She doesn’t put much thought into any of it, she just goes by intuition. But it’s working for her because she definitely has the green thumb. Maybe that’s what happens when you’re 67 years old and you’ve been doing things before there was technology. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I certainly benefit from the technology!
@Jana85 my mom is 78 and Jana she loves her technology… some people really do have green thumbs… my dad was super at gardening… too bad he didn’t pass it to his daughter 😂
@FirstCanna that’s awesome! I do think some people just instinctively know what a plant needs. I’m getting better at it but I had to put a lot of effort into learning it. The very first succulent I got died swiftly. I was so uneducated about it. 🙈 But I’ve got over 90 now with no problems—at least I can learn. Lol
@Jana85 that’s wonderful… I’m an old dog that really can’t learn new tricks lol but I’m trying!🤣
@FirstCanna haha sure you can! And just look at all of your pretty plants! As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing what you’re supposed to.
Is it just a top dressing from bonsai Jack or these lithopses grow in bare bonsai Jack?
@vvvelo I have one pot of them in Bonsai Jack. One pot is mostly pumice with a tiny amount of cactus soil. And another pot is mostly coarse sand/tiny gravel I collected myself from a creek and mixed with cactus soil. I’ve been doing that lately for a lot of my succulents, mixing local gravel with cactus soil. I just don’t put very much soil in with Lithops.
My split rock has died couple days ago… I was always thinking that he is lithopses. But I guess not.
@vvvelo I think split rocks are harder than Lithops, honestly. I have three but one of them nearly died. I only water them every 3-4 weeks—less than any other plants I own. They rot very very easily.
@Jana85 yeah, this is what happened to mine.
@vvvelo I have mine in probably 80% grit and they still don’t need watered hardly ever. I don’t know how they do it. But I found out the hard way not to water them until the inner leaves start to get slightly soft.
@Jana85 now I know that I don’t want to buy split rock anymore.

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