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I couldn’t wait until #WhatTheSuccWednesday to share lol. So, some of y’all might remember when I potted this Eastern #PricklyPearCactus from out of the ground, to save it from my husband who thought it was a nuisance 😩 But I’m happy to report that he’s thriving in his new space! 😍💚

All of the bright green is #NewGrowth from the last couple of weeks! 🤩🌵 He’s looking so healthy 🥹

He’s my first cactus, so I was worried about how he would adjust, but I think he’s doing great! 🙌🏼 His profile pic is from the day I potted him up 💚
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10” pot with drainage
Last watered 6 months ago
Is he about to bloom ?
@vvvelo I don’t think so? 🤔 he had beautiful flowers that had passed right before I potted him, so I’m not sure if he’ll bloom again. I haven’t done a ton of research on him yet, so idk how many times he’s actually supposed to bloom 😅
It looks great!!
Those prickly little boogers hurt when you get stuck. I had to dispose of mine 😞
I want a prickly pear so badddd
@Coko4lyfe thank you! 🤗
@WholeRockcress oh no! 🥺 you should’ve seen me try to pot him lol. I was wearing gloves, but they poked through, so I was literally just trying to handle him with a trowel and a small garden rake 😂
@Mrgncrch you should definitely get one! 😍🌵💚
Looks like it’s done blooming, that fruit should ripen and you could harvest for seeds! 💚 exciting 👍🏼
@AguaViviente ooooh, that’s very exciting! Cactus babiieeesss! 🌵😍
They are native where I am. Outside they get hit by cold weather in winter, but they revive in spring. We have sandy soil and when it rains they're watered. The flowers are beautiful,& bloom once a summer.

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