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The cactus is the only plant with areoles—those small, fuzzy bumps on the exterior—from which flowers, spines, AND branches spout. Another thing: Each areole produces only one flower in its lifetime!
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Ooooh didn’t know that. COOL!!!
It’s cool too how they can have spines break off and they won’t grow new ones in the same spot but they will make new ones nearby so over time you almost can’t tell they were damaged. It won’t grow spines from the same areoles once they get broken or removed by damage. Had one fall because of a cat knocking down two stories and now you almost can’t tell it had damage. Droppy mcdrop face recovered pretty well.
Wow, I never knew that. Interesting and very cool.
Cacti are so unique! Thanks for these facts! Love this one.

Some of your other plant fact posts with photos triggered my trypophobia🫣😖
I live for these plant facts 🖤🖤🖤
Love these plant facts and learning things I didn't know. Very interesting, thank you for sharing Molly 🥰🌱🌿💛 @Kaleyeeaah
@AwesomePlants 😂I experience the same thing!
@WickedValkyrie I’m glad you like them!
@Sassylimey I’m so glad you enjoy them!

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