Posted 5M ago by @sarahsalith

From 0 to 6 leaves! #MonsteraMonday

🀫 Don't tell the plant I would have rather kept my money. This is a #NeverAgainPlant

But now buying the plant is out of my system and it's a nice #Monstera

It's a #HappyPlants which is good for this #PlantAddict
4ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Mon$tera πŸ˜‚
Did you buy a node? If you did how long did it take to get to this stage?
So beautiful 🀩 also curious like @ABCD how did you go about buying yours
@ABCD hehe
@Mrgncrch @ABCD I got a stick in sphagnum moss. It was a good seller; he really had healthy cuttings.
@sarahsalith IKR lol I feel like that too sometimes
Maybe six months to grow the leaves. One had so much white that it just didn't make it so I snipped it off.
I need one still 🫣
It looks nice now !!! Lol.
@sarahsalith why is it a never again? Not worth the cost? Or too much work?
Is the seller online? Maybe it’s something to save up for
@AwesomePlants I don't think it's worth the price.

It's not in my top 50 favorite plants. It might not be in the top 100. 😬

But who knows, maybe I can recoup some losses and sell it one day.
It’s a beautiful plant!
@ABCD I don't remember where I got it. Maybe Etsy? The guy was in Florida. It was just expensive for a plant. It doesn't bring the joy I thought it would. I've got $3 plants that make me smile more than this one.
I want one! I found a local guy who has 3 but he has 10 people wanting oneπŸ˜•
They are constantly being sold on fb here, I keep thinking β€˜maybe a leaf?!’ But I think you are right, I’d be stressing the whole time trying to keep it alive so it’s not a waste of money!! Yours is lovely though and well done for getting it this far!!
Nice to see you again @Lxylaydee (: I know that there are some GREAT plants were you are. I find lots of them for $80 or $100 and I'm thinking WOW- what a deal! Then I look at the shipping and its $100. 🀣
Oh no that stinks! It’s so pretty!!
@sarahsalith I am very lucky I know! Great climate and pretty cheap plants! Though we are thinking of getting cats and realised nearly all my house plants are toxic πŸ™ˆ some rearranging has been happening in preparation πŸ˜„
So pretty!! :’) 🌱✨
You can grow your own apparently
Better add a hashtag to this post hehe
I want this guy!
My friend has a TC and I’m waiting patiently for my cutting, worse part is I said I’d buy an albo and give her a cutting which I’m totally up for, but I’m such a cheapskate I keep waiting for price drops πŸ˜‚
@sarahsalith it’s still beautiful, maybe you’ll love it more when it’s bigger. If not it will definitely be worth a lot of money as a mature plant.
@HoyaAddict I hope I can make it look good as it grows. Maybe you're right, maybe it'll grow on me. 😁
@sarahsalith Sometimes we just need bigger leaves and massive fenestrations haha. Imagine it having inner fenestrations in 5 years! It could be a completely different plant than the baby you have now (I keep thinking this when I look at my baby monstera with 3 leaves haha)I do hope it grows on you, I think the price always makes these kind of plants worrysome and not as enjoyable. But as time goes she’ll become part of your collection and I think you’ll enjoy her more when there’s less stress πŸ˜…
@kris10nicolee - here's the plant! (:
Love it. I have bought everything but that. Lol
Soooooo pretty
@sarahsalith yeah, I haven't quite jumped on that variegated bandwagon yet, not to justify the prices.
@HoyaAddict if you ever get a cutting from your friend and grow it enough to offer cuttings yourself. Let me know. Bought a plant which I can't find locally and customs in VIC destroyed it. First and last time I buy a plant from Etsy.
@damian 100% will send you a cutting if I get one 😁
@sarahsalith eeeek! I can't wait
Omgosh did same thing! Myrtle has grown 1 new leaf. But has stalled now so panicking a bit. My grandkids call the one leaf, "Grammas $300 leaf" lol

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