Posted 2M ago by @Lemonlaw

My #ChristmasCactus has her holidays mixed up and bloomed on Easter instead. It usually blooms in December. Is this usual for this kind of plant? #NewGrowth #NewPlantMom
Not at all. Just means your plant is happy and the conditions were perfect for blooming! My false Christmas cactus was in bloom last month. Enjoy!! Some people never see thier holiday cactus bloom after the initial purchase blooms!!
The leaves look like it might actually be an Easter Cactus 🌡 I get them all mixed up πŸ˜†
Mine bloom anywhere from early December through about now. So I think you're good.
Thanks @ksaginak @RJG @OKIEgrnthmb ! I inherited this from my gram before she passed and I want to do right by her. Before this, I only got blooms at Christmas. I give the Greg team all the credit for this multi month bloom and helping me care for it!!! @Kiersten
@ksaginak it only ever bloomed at Christmas the years before so I just assumed it was a Christmas cactus. 🀣
@Lemonlaw sounds like a very grateful and happy plant. Bloom on! 😍
My Thanksgiving cactus has bloomed 5 separate times since around Halloween... Apparently it's not just humans that can have identity crisises!!

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